Nick stevens is a musicologist based in cleveland, ohio.

hello world

Hi all,

This is the first post in an occasionally updated, casually maintained blog. I'll use the space to promote work I love by friends, colleagues, mentors, and strangers; to comment on musical events as they happen; to deliver updates on my own work and career; to just post a link to a piece that's really doing it for me - it's a blog about nothing and everything in the worlds of new music and musicology. In any case, please follow me on Twitter, where I'll post links to this site and share things in shorter form.

In the meantime, have a look at the scholar-critic Will Robin's blurb for Ashley Fure's opera The Force of Things in the New York Times this week. I really regret missing the run of the piece at Montclair State University this weekend, though I'm very excited to be attending Popular Song in Film: Thirty Years of Gorbman's Unheard Melodiesa conference in honor of the foundational film music scholar Claudia Gorbman, instead. Musicologists of the greater Rust Belt, come out and see what our Center for Popular Music Studies is capable of!

I also wanted to shout out to one of the most exciting publications out there on classical music, Van Magazine - and in particular, to the work of one of my favorite Van contributors, the scholar-critic Rebecca Lentjes. I've never met Lentjes, but I've followed her work for a while now and have only found more to enjoy the more I've read. Her harrowing firsthand account of meeting participants at a summer new music festival has made a splash in the contemporary music scene over this past week; it's very much worth a read.

Also worth checking out: the new music scene in my current home base, Cleveland, Ohio. One thing that I'm unreasonably excited to be following these days is the progress of a new group called CUSP, the Cleveland Uncommon Sound Project. It's run by some of the smartest, most ambitious people I know, and it's currently accepting proposals for Re:Sound, its debut festival in 2018. Read more at the link above and follow them on Facebook. I already attended one small event of theirs, featuring the sax-percussion duo Patchwork and improvisers Stephan Haluska (harp) and Lisa Miralia (synths and electronics). It was amazing. Trust me, you'll want to watch this organization develop. 

Thanks for reading - more soon(ish).