Nick stevens is a musicologist based in cleveland, ohio.

Coming soon: a weekly blog

Dear all,

Welcome to the site! I’ve long planned to run a blog, but professional obligations and writing projects have all too often expanded to fill entire workdays (and work evenings, and work weekends). This sort of thing requires commitment, and that’s exactly what I’ll be making later this summer. I’ll publish one post weekly. The content? A mix of thoughts about pedagogy, discipline, musical performance, and arts scenes, plus reviews and appreciations of the things I’ve been reading and/or hearing that week. Also, updates on my articles and book, and the occasional conference recap! Perhaps even the odd paragraph in praise of good music to run or jog to. I’ll aim not to post too much about downer topics - the climate, the TT job market, my always already doomed attempts to catch up with pop culture - unless so moved by an extraordinary circumstance. Keep your eyes on this space starting in mid-July!